Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tuesday tunes

Lately there is a commercial from Matprat about reindeer and I found I really liked the song, so I did a little detective work and found the song, and I have been listening to it on repeat all week.

I love this song. <3

Life is slow, bunnies are napping and I have been reading,  helping my mother and am still crocheting. I have been good and not started on any more baby gifts for the baby shower this week, which might be a first for me, I mean not starting new things and stressing to finish. But there is still time;)

Friday, 3 February 2017

Friday Finishes

Another week another Friday, another finish.

Another one of our friends is having a baby and the baby shower looms even closer, the mum-to-be has made a wishlist and on that list were wool clothes, so I whipped out my trusty hook and made a matching set for the little bump. 

Dress pattern found here and bonnet pattern found here

I have made both the dress and bonnet before, but then in pink and cotton and the mother wanted not pink and not cotton so I had some fun and made another one. This time I added a little decorative collar in a very pale yellow to the dress and kept the front a bit more open and added a lady-bug-button. I hope the mother will like it. And I hope I don't start something new with the leftover yarn (almost two balls left, plenty to make matching blommers or booties) because the date of the baby shower looms ever closer.

I am trying to stay strong, but just look at these cute little clothes...
They would look good with the rest of the gift. 

Lucy Layne Sweater by Betty Fay Wallace

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January books

 My book challenge last year didn't really go that well in the sense that I didn't read 52 books in 52 weeks, so I stopped reading and had fun doing other things, but I did read more which was the main goal anyway. I read a lot more books than the year before and I felt that I enjoyed reading again which made me happy. I have always been a bit of a bookworm and have always loved getting lost in between the words. My mother and I would usually sit and eat dinner with a book each and I loved doing that, my dad hated me reading at dinner, but I did it anyway.... So here are the books I have read in January and let us hope that perhaps this year I can reach 52 books.

The first two Moomin books in Swedish. I know they are children's books so I count them as one book. But it was challenging at times to read Swedish, but mostly because it is some sort of Finnish-Swedish and kept feeling that it should read dom and not de all the time... I have never read Moomin before but I have seen the show and I could remember parts of the stories while reading. The clouds from the magicians hat was a particular favourite of mine.

Speaking of childhood, I saw lots of old advent calendar shows before Christmas and this lady was in one of the ones I saw and I found a childrens book she wrote and her autobiography so I borrowed them from the library. I enjoyed both of them although they were hard to read in the sense that the topics were not light and sunny.

The first book I read in the new year was a Christmas book I received from my aunt. She said it was the best book she read all year. I read it in three days and I liked it. The ending seemed a bit rushed, but the characters were vivid and I liked how the war and misery was felt but not a prominent part of the narrative. I hate books about the war that dwell on all the horror it just makes me feel sick. 

Another book I got for Christmas was the new Harry Potter book, which is a play...
What I can say about it is that I feel conflicted, on one hand the story is good, but it still felt like a fan fiction more than a J.K Rowling book and it also felt rushed. I would have like them to elaborate a little and give it out as book and not a play... But it was still good and unexpected I think. I read it fast  in one go and I reminisced about how I did that with the original Harry Potter books as soon as they were translated. I wanted to re-read them. So I did.

I read the first four Harry Potter books, but I did spend more than one day on the fourth.
They are still exciting and good books, but I do think it was special when we grew up reading them as we aged with the characters and so were not too young when the next books were released... The first book is clearly a childrens book and then it gets more and more dark and suited for an older audience...

Because some books were smaller than others I am counting 8 books read in January. February is shorter so I am sure I will not read that many books then.


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Mimle the little troll

I told you the other day that Mimle almost killed me?

 She is usually a sweet little bun, but sometimes I think she likes to be mischievous, and I am positive she did it on purpose and knew what would happen...
Well, anyway I was lying on the sofa, and wanted to have a sip of water, Mimle was on the sofa too, she ran up to me while I was drinking and nudged the glass so that my full mouth became even fuller. 
I spluttered and coughed and almost drowned myself and the sofa. 

I didn’t feel at all sad that Mimle too got wet. Little stinker. She flicked her feet off the sofa while husband was having a laughing fit… i don’t think I will drink and lie again, not with little miss there anyway, and I had gotten so good and lying and drinking too…

Mimle is not looking apologetic at all.

But it seems we are friends again, however long that will last, she seems to be molting and that usually means she runs when she sees me since I pick her fur and comb her...

Friday, 27 January 2017

Snowflake Table Runner in the Making

I started! I have been moaning about not having time to make myself one of these table runners so I started. I have three more rounds of the first one and there is only two more to go. If I finish once a week in between my more pressing things I might get finished sooner rather than later and in time for next winter, because this winter is surely lacking.

Also my bunny tried to kill me yesterday. More on that later, I am off to the library before they close for the month!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Another Friday, another year

Usually January means I show off some gifts made for Christmas and perhaps some of my own presents, but this year I was very late with the presents partly since I was sick and partly because I am me and I don't make anything easy on myself so I kept adding things and making things not on the list... So there are still about five things on my list to make and I need to get cracking so before I can show off what I am making I need to finish the presents and give them away.

But I did make ten of these little doilies for aunts and mothers, but I still haven't made one for myself...

My mother got three turned into a nice table runner and that is what I am aiming for to make for me. This year as well will be more finishing things and making more things for me, I don't think I finished anything I was making for me last year... Except the sewn skirt my sister-in-law helped me to sew. 
So business as usual then.

I had parties and were with friends and family as one usually does during the holidays, December is my favourite month of the year, there is so much to do sadly is also the saddest month of all, because your anticipations are never completely fulfilled and I get lonely. But that is also business as usual.

I had my grand father's old chair reupholstered.

I have seen lots of TV, (Gilmore Girls, Enterprise, Full House/Fuller house, all the Advent calendars and most of the Christmas movies, husband agrees next year we start Christmas in November) read some books, more on that at a later time and these little trolls have grown fat, well, the one on the right have. Too much Christmas three I think, but the bunnies are happy and if they are happy I can be happy too.

I have some finished I can show though since it is Finished Friday and all. I made my two favourite younger female cousins matching scarfs, my friend *Kio and I designed them and they might be up later at gachastitches.

Valmin for comparison, 
please ignore the stray poo, he forgot to eat it.

Also another friend is having a baby so I am busy crocheting a baby blanket. Babies can never have too many blankets right?

Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday finished

I was gone for a bit these past few days and these guys do not approve. Mimle keeps hovering over me to make sure I am ok, but I smell weird so they would rather not I touch them, but don't worry bunnies, I will shower soon and then I will smell like me and not the hospital! 
And then there better be bunny kisses is all I am saying. 
And we have rather bought the best bunny present for Christmas this year so they better be good.

Also I have a finish as after all that is what Friday's are for,

the lizard shawl,  Which I started way back in March, then it looked like this:

I bought some balls of yarn on sale when my lys started out but I know I have added quite a few more balls of yarn since crochet always consume more yarn than you think...

I did some #crochetonthego in Japan on the Shinkansen.

Crocheting while waiting at the dentists office soon it was growing so much I couldn't take it out of the house anymore...

And then it was done, I added two rows of sc instead of just one but it was still more a ball of something crocheted than a scarf. So I started blocking. One section that could fill my blocking quilt at a time.
And it went from this...

...to this...

 to this, all done, blocked an ironed and modelled on my pretty haired friend who matched her outfit quite coincidently with my finished object. ..

I love the variegated thread. Viking Frøya in colour 274.

243 grams, so five balls of yarn.

It is quite long, longer than my arms when I stretch them out I think, I like the effect of this pattern and it was easy to follow but somehow it didn't really flow all that well for me. Perhaps it would be better in a different yarn? But I am quite happy with it and now that something is finished I can start something new with a clear conscience.  

and I feel a lot better now and am healing quite well so I guess I will be back into mischief with the bunnies soon.