Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wedding Blanket Squares Thirty-Four

I adore this square, at first I changed colours on the second row of the hearts but thought it near impossible to see that they were supposed to be hearts then so I ripped it out and did the heart all in one colour and I love the effect of it.
This is I think one of my favourite squares in this whole blanket. I want to make a whole blanket using just this square. Or another blanket with just the heart squares.
Love those hearts!

29 grams and 21x21 cm, this square were one of the faster ones to crochet.

Into this square we made clusters and small picots in between regular dc-stitches which is the last medium turquoise row, and I sort of think those too look like hearts. I opted to stitch trough my picots to attach them, and I think *Kio chose not to. Either way looks good, I just thought less things to stick up would mean less chance of something getting entangled into the blanket later...

We used a variations of the heart rows from this square when making the border around the blanket.

*Kio's square.
I Love her colours, her square looks so crisp and clear and inviting.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tuesday Dreamlike Climax

I am too tired to really write anything about this song, although I have a lot to say, but I think it will suffice to say that this may be my all time favourite C-ute song and the music video is super cool and Halloween-y. (Which makes it a lot more fun that it will be released on November the second XD)

I am definitely buying it, and in the mean time I am listening to it on repeat.

But since I am tired and all after getting up to a normal doctors visit to check my blood after about four hours of sleep. I somehow lost my crochet hook yesterday while I was taking a picture of my wip and I spent about an hour searching for it... I search several places several times and suddenly it was inside one of the ottoman thingies, which I know I searched three times. So now I am thinking I am either blind, too tired, we have ghosts, house-elves or the bunnies somehow are more mischievous than I thought...

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Throwback Thursday and orange and blue

Valmin is still hoppy and happy although he looks a bit sleepy in this picture. He is such a goof, and I love how he always likes to smoosh his head into the rug, both when he is desperate to be groomed and when he is just chilling by himself. Mimle is up to mischief as always and begging for food all the time, one could think we were starving her, but we are not.... 

It is October and I am back with a crochet thing I started last year for Halloween but decided to only work on in October to help me get in the Halloween spirit. It was left at the first pumpkin and I have already done the second. The pattern is from red heart and is free from here.

And then for the throwback part, here is a baby-blanket after my brother but apparently I used it too, so it is well over thirty now, but look how gorgeous it is, my aunt crocheted it and I know my mother put it over our prams.

Sorry for the bad picture, the bunnies were "helping" me taking pictures and arranging the blanket so this was the best I could do.

I have finished one secret (not for long) baby bunny blanket and am on the second already from gachastitches which will be out soon. Yay! The pattern is taking a bit longer to write up than anticipated but since we both want the pattern to be good you will just have to wait for it.

The old baby blanket and the new baby blanket.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wedding Blanket Squares Thirty-Three

I loved the start on this, so much fun. It was good I was working from the photo guide from lookwhatimade because then I found out that this piece curled into a bowl around row five but that it straightened itself out later. If I had not known that I might have given up after frogging several times and finding a bowl shaped square again and again, so that was good. Now that I have made several squares and they always turn out square after blocking so I would probably not worry as much.
My popcorns on this actually look good.
and looking back I think ending the square after row eight might look good if you want a smaller square with less popcorns. Row eight is where my last dark purple row is.

I like both mine and *Kio's versions of this actually, might be because my popcorns look good and that with blocking this square stays perfectly square.

29 grams and 21x21 cm and it didn't take me too long to make this square so perhaps three hours up to the popcorn row?

Look how her popcorns pop, I know why they are called popcorns. (or bubble-stitch, but I think popcorn is more descriptive)

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Bunday and a new friend

Valmin is better, yay!
He is pooping and eating and drinking and jumping and generally making mischief like a bunny should. Mimle is happy, although she is a bit upset the critical care has stopped coming. And Valmin is slowly stopping to run away when he sees me too which is a plus. 

Mimle can be caring too.

Rip box
This is the underside of the bunnies box, they have chewed all the way through, Mimle was not very subtle in telling me she wanted something new to chew on...
#it wasn't me
It could still be useful, but it is a hazard standing like that when they start digging so we threw it out. Now I need to clear the last boxes from mum's house so the buns can get one of those instead.

Bunday treats.

Bunnies have had herbs and hay-cakes on the floor and the humans have eaten the last of the apple cake and even some cupcakes from the neighbours. And sushi on Friday as usual and taco on Saturdays is the new thing, bunnies love taco Saturday because they get rocket.

Oh, and we have a new pet! A pikachu.
Remember last week when I saw one on our walk and it ran away, well I have one now. Hah!

Other then that 
my box is finished, and I have done a lot more on some secret stuff since it is less than three months 'til Christmas and all.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Throwback Thursday Crafts and some news

Since Mum and I are going through her house and looking at old things and decluttering I thought it might be fun to show off some crafting things we find, so here is a new series of old crafting things.

I wanted to show you one of my most loved things from my childhood, my doll, Lise, she was given to me one my first birthday I think, and on this picture she is wearing a dress my grandmother knitted, there used to be socks and a hairband in the same colour as the purse but I am not sure where they are.  I have shown this picture of my grandmother, my brother and me on my first birthday before, I have also talked a bit about my grandmother in V for vintage. I loved my grandmother, she didn't really knit that much in her later years but she did make me that treasured doll dress. My mother has also told me that my grandmother was not a very good knitter initially because that was not something her family did, but as an adult she learned and became better and so I feel inspired to continue on my knitting journey even if crochet is easier and more fun for me.

The pattern is called a mermaids foam in Norwegian I think my mother said and I so want to learn to make this pattern.

Whilst husband and I went walking the other day, I spotted a Pikachu, but did I get it? NO, even if I used a razzberry and a great poke ball the little bugger buggered off...

Valmin is still sick, but a lot better, here he is eating of the floor and having a cuddle with Mimle. We went to the regular vet today and got some more painkillers and a thorough exam, his teeth are a bit pointy so we will address that later, and the gas in his tummy is a LOT better. We still don't know why he stopped eating but when buns stop eating their tummies get worse and gas builds up and they get a bad tumyache and then they will refuse to eat so painkillers are good. Valmin is eating more but we still give him supplements since he is still not a good eater yet. Mimle is ecstatic because the house is full of tasty food to entice Valmin to eat and Mimle is stuffing herself. So we have not given her more than a couple of pellets a day, she does not seem to mind, Critical Care is her favourite food and herbs and alfalfa hay come in at a close second.

I am making something fun from the gacha stitches pattern Harens Saganatt (coming soon).
Can you guess what it is? I have used Multe on the right there, so if you want to try making your own and can't wait for the Harens Saganatt to come out you can start with the free Multe pattern. :)

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wedding Blanket Squares Thirty-Two

This weeks Wedding Wednesday comes a bit later than usual because little bunny is sick, he is much better now (Friday) but Wednesday was rough.

Another easy square, but still it does not look too easy, it looks interesting and there are several stitches which makes it more fun to do, but still this pattern is well written and there are no weird parts of the pattern just to make it fit like a few of the other squares.
I do like that after row three it seems like a solid row and then on row four you add sc into the chains and suddenly the circle is not quite so dense.

Love the green and blue on this and the purple in the middle seems to fit, it does seem like a flower burst now.

*Kio's square.
I love her colours, she has used a lot of white in this and it looks good, mine seem a bit squashed in the last picture but I think that is only because it is not completely flat. *Kio is very good at blocking and I think she blocked her squares a lot more than I did so her squares are a bit more square than mine, so I feel inspired and will do my best at blocking from here on.
Other than that, I love *Kio's colours.